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Vendux moved so fast to kick off the search, with an exact understanding of what we needed in this competitive role. Within a few days, I was introduced to our first prospective candidate and he was perfect in every way. I never even wanted to see another candidate. We hired him within days, and 48 hours later he was hitting the ground running!

Emily Norcross, North American CEO, Solarus

Sales Leadership Capital


Our industry-leading PerfectMatch™ system ensures an exceptionally high match rate, marrying up your precise requirement with exactly the right sales leader to enable you to achieve your sales objectives.


Whether you need fractional CSOs and CROs, interim teams, or full-time sales resources, our flexible process empowers you to select a sales leadership model that aligns with your current requirements.


Fast track the time it takes to achieve your sales objectives with our rapid sales leader identification and onboarding process. Get started with your PerfectMatch™ sales leader within as little as 14 days.

Just a few examples of our exceptionally talented Featured Executives

Bharat Nair

  • C-Level technology executive and business leader to global corporations.
  • Experience with both early-stage venture-backed companies and large $1B+ listed corporations.
  • Founding member, co-founder and investor in several startups.
  • Experience includes launching and running strategic business units internationally, building high-performing global organizations, scaling businesses and developing global strategic partnerships - all of which resulted in steep revenue growth for the technology companies.

Ryan Johns

  • Global People Operations and Revenue Operations Consultant.
  • Practice founded on the premise of leveraging Science, Psychology and Micro Learning to optimize cultural performance.
  • Highly adept at operationalizing change management initiatives by expertly aligning business strategy with people strategy.
  • Two decades of leadership experience in both private and government sectors.
  • Air Force Veteran and company founder.

John Williams

  • Experienced in B2B SaaS private and public organizations for the past 10 years, notably IBM and Microsoft as well as various startups.
  • Growing businesses between $10-$50M via acquisition and mergers.
  • Scaling SaaS businesses in growth stage forming revenue ops teams for data analysis, reporting and instrumentation.
  • Rapid ramp up of high caliber sales teams and consistently exceeding monthly growth goals through pipeline progression.

Dana Klein

  • Focused on delivering long term growth and value and bringing companies to the next level through go-to-market strategies, demand gen, stakeholder engagement, championing strategic partnerships and market positioning.
  • Speaker, writer, shareholder, board member and Honorary Consul General for the Republic of Macedonia.

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You want fractional CSOs and CROs, interim teams, or full-time sales resources to help you scale as your business grows.

You want a highly experienced independent, outside perspective on your business and sales strategy.

You want to deliver new customers and revenue in record time.

You need to hit the ground running, but do not have the time or budget to hire a full in-house team.

You are spending time on sales strategies that are not cohesive or effective.

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